2 pk. unscented Ear Candles by Harmony Cones
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2 pk.Unscented Ear Candles by Harmony Cones

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Unscented Ear Candles 2 in a packet

First, you will need a bowl of water, a paper plate, piece of alumin foil,  matches and scissors.
1) Cut a cross in the center of the paper plate approximately ½ inch long, wrap alumin foil around plate.
2) Slide the small end of Ear Candle thru the cross, so that the small end small end passes thru the bottom of the plate about 3 inches.
The Ear Candle should stick far enough through the paper plate so the small end of the candle can be easily seen and placed in the user’s ear.

1) User should lie on their side with their head level & resting on a small cushion or pillow.
2) Make sure user’s hair is pulled away from the ear and from the area around the candle.
3) Place the small (pointed) end of the candle into the ear, holding it gently between your fingers. DO NOT squeeze the candle.
4) Make sure candle is well seated in the ear, with plate below the burn line label.
5) Slant candle at a “slight” angle - do not break the ear seal.
6) Ignite the large end of the Ear Candle.
7) When candle burns down to the top of Burn Label, gently take candle out of the ear and extinguish the flame in water.
8) User may want to use a Q-tip or proper ear cleaning tool to clean any residue out of the ear when the process is complete.
CAUTION: Open flame can cause burn injury.

ALWAYS have two people present when applying the Ear Candle.

A second person should always hold the candle and performs the technique on the user.

Keep all flammable materials and hair away from burning candle.

NOTICE & REMINDER: Ear Candles are not a medical device, do not cure illness and do not remove earwax. This product is not manufactured, made or intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


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