4 pk Unscented Ear Candles by Harmony Cones

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Unscented Ear Candles, 4 pack

They are made with unbleached muslin and food grade wax and contain eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint essential oils.

First, gather the following: Ear Candle(s) A glass of water Paper plate Matches Q-Tips A second person Then, 1. Cut a cross in the center of the paper plate big enough to put the small end of the candle in snugly. Push the candle far enough through the plate so that it can be placed in your ear. 2. Lie on your side and pull the hair away from your ear. 3. Light the ear candle, please allow ear candle to come to full combustion before inserting to ear. This normally takes 10-15 seconds. While gently holding the ear candle between your fingers, place the small end of the ear candle in your ear ensuring it is well seated in your ear. 4. Allow the ear candle to slant naturally, following the angle of the ear canal. 5. When the ear candle has burned to the burn line label, take the candle out of your ear and extinguish in the glass of water.

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