Bone Health

With age the body's frame can shrink as we lose cartilage, and bones themselves become brittle and start to erode.   Bone loss in women usually starts imperceptibly around the age of 30, increasing rapidly with the onset of menopause, then slowing down again about 5 years after the "change" to the earlier rate. The better the foundation of bone laid down in youth, the further you have to decline in age to be in trouble.  Hormonal Balance is crucial to healthy bones. Proper diet balancing of nutrients, heavy on the green leafy vegetables and low on animal fats.   Exercise of almost any kind: including walking, swimming, yoga, jogging, but most effective is working out with light hand weights. 

Supplementing Calcium in an absorbable form, such as citrate, if you have an acidic pH, consider adding Coral Calcium as part of your calcium supplementation.  Magnesium supplementation at least 50% of the calcium level, perhaps more. Many people (women in particular) are seriously deficient in Magnesium and it helps with the absorbtion of Calcium.  Vitamin K - essential for bone formation, and found chiefly in green leafy vegetables.

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