CellRenew STS by Applied Health
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CellRenew STS by Applied Health 60 capsules

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CellRenew Hydrolyzed BioCell Collagen Type II  Product Discontinued but INTRODUCING THE
New CellRenew STS

Some of our long-time customers have already achieved desired joint health through extended use of CellRenew and may no longer need the recommended “repair” dose.  They may only need to “maintain” the health and condition of their joints.  For these customers, we now have "CellRenew STS - Soft Tissue Support.   

With the exact ingredients of our original CellRenew, the difference is that CellRenew STS focuses on joint health “maintenance” and overall soft tissue support.  The suggested serving for CellRenew STS is 2 capsules (1000 mg) instead of the 4 capsule dose (2000 mg) of original CellRenew.  Though it certainly does not hurt to continue taking 4 capsules each day, 2 capsules of CellRenew STS may be all that is needed to preserve joint health for those who only require a maintenance regimen. 

CellRenew STS is also the go-to product for those wanting to take advantage of the anti-aging benefits for other soft tissues (such as skin, nails, hair).  Original CellRenew established itself early as being highly beneficial as a systemic beauty product that works from the inside-out, with properties benefiting all soft tissues containing collagen type II. Now CellRenew STS will carry on that tradition.


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