MindCare - 120 by Himalaya USA
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MindCare - 120 by Himalaya USA

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MindCare, 120 vegicap

MindCare® (capsules)

MindCare® is a proprietary herbal formula which assists a normal brain function in adults and children. In today's lifestyle, individuals take MindCare® to improve occasional absentmindedness and to help with frustration. This formula assists in preserving the normal brain cell function and the antioxidant aspect of the formula, helps support brain cell integrity.

Supports normal memory and attention span
Supports normal brain function
A safe and gentle, natural nervine tonic

directions for use
Take 1 or 2 capsules twice daily, preferably with meals.

Allow several weeks for full benefit.

The use of natural products provides progressive but long-lasting results.

Contraindications: Needs to be stopped 15 days prior to surgical procedures.

scientific validation

MindCare® has been subjected to clinical toxicity/safety studies and trials. References available upon request.

key ingredients
Dwarf Morning Glory
Gotu Kola

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