Natural Progesterone Creme -8oz by Natural Radiance
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Natural Progesterone Creme -8oz by Natural Radiance

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Natural Progesterone Creme oz, 8oz liquid

Ingredients: Natural progesterone USP from wild yam is bio-identical to the progesterone that the human body produces. Natural RadianceTM is a non comedogenic cold processed crème that is FREE of isopropyl palmitates, glycerol stearate, octyl palmitate, stearic acid, DEA, triethanolarmine (TEA), dimethicone, cyclomethicone, PEG, alcohols, emulsifying wax, dyes, colors or mineral oil. The Lanol (vegetable ester) is blended with Aloe Vera and a dermal delivery system. Lanol is one of the finest cosmetic moisturizers and reputed to maintain youthful appearance; Aloe Vera is world renowned for its capabilities to hydrate the skin. Herbal Complex: Chaste Tree Berry, Squaw Vine, Red Raspberry Leaf, Mugwort Leaf Dandelion Root & Leaf, Usnea Lichen Prickly Ash Bark and Vitamins C & E.

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