Real Estrogen Oil by Natural Radiance
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Real Estrogen Oil by Natural Radiance

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Real Estrogen Oil, 2oz liquid

Description: Radiant Labs Real Estrogen Oil Unfortunately, as many of us know, after menopause a condition known as vaginal dryness can make intercourse downright uncomfortable, and even painful.

While hot flashes can diminish over time, and other symptoms go away altogether, not only does this dryness persist, it can get worse.

Fortunately, vaginal dryness can easily be addressed with Estrogen Oil: this bio-identical product by Radiance Labs, unlike over the counter lubricants which address the symptoms and not the cause, is not only designed to address the immediate problem, but may even reverse it over time.

Remember, Estriol is considered by many naturopathic experts to be the balancing factor in estrogen dominance. Estriol displaces the stronger estrogens, Estradiol and Estrone, occupying estrogen receptors in their place, which may account for the cancer protective protective properties claimed for it.

Size: 2 fl. oz pump pumps equal 1 mg of bio-identical natural Estrogen USP

Directions: Apply Bio-identical Estrogen Oil intra-vaginally as needed

Serving Size: 2 pumps 48 servings per container

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